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“This book will help those who study and practice its five principles achieve a ‘Rich Life.’  Dave Young’s concrete examples and principles are so well told. I wish he had written this book years ago—and that I had studied it. I would have bagged a lot more trophies sooner in life!”

–Don Peay, Founder, Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife


“Hunting for True Wealth is a perfect balance of financial advice mixed with important life lessons. Through Dave Young’s incredible hunting stories, you get to experience the real value of hunting for true wealth. I highly recommend this book and hope you’ll enjoy Dave’s journey as much as I did.”

Nate Randle, CEO at Gabb, Safe phones and watches for kids and teens


“In Hunting for True Wealth, Dave Young skillfully tracks the wild terrain of personal finance, drawing striking parallels between big game hunting and wealth management.”

Susan Richards, business owner and philanthropist


“I love Dave Young’s tales of both his hunting exploits and his business and investing lessons learned, both for financial success and, especially, for personal happiness. Dave is authentic and obviously dedicated to his children’s lives as kids, and now, as successful adults. Anyone interested in financial and personal wealth and happiness should read Dave’s book and follow its principles.”

–Stan Ricks, Co-founder, Managing Director, Sundance Bay


“Mayor Dave Young has definitely had mind-blowing experiences to back up the critical core values and principles he espouses in Hunting for True Wealth. The wisdom he shares from his death-defying adventures will inspire readers to adopt those values as well. Who knew that learning about big game hunting would make talking about investing and finances actually fun?”

Brenn Bybee, Orem City Manager


“Hunting for True Wealthis a treasure—a book worth its weight in gold.Not only do you gain big-time advice and insights about how to build wealth, but you’ll become entranced by hair-raising adventures in the jungle and see what causes the most incredible wealth of all—happiness and joy in life. It’s a fun read with valuable pearls of wisdom for anyone who wants to master the principles of wealth and life.”

Steven R. Shallenberger, Founder, Becoming Your Best Global Leadership; author Becoming Your Best:The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders and Do What Matters Most


“As a fellow hunter who enjoys the beauty of the outdoors, challenge of the hunt, and respect for God’s handiwork, I thoroughly enjoyed Hunting for True Wealth. It draws the reader in with accounts of thrilling adventure, then artfully shares how intentionally living Dave Young’s critical core values brings true wealth, no matter the storm that surrounds you. His connections between adventure, core values, and wealth are pearls of wisdom everyone should seek and live.”

–LaNae Millett, Orem City Councilwoman


“I love the perspective Dave Young offers in Hunting for True Wealth because happiness isn’t obtained in any single accomplishment, but by living life to its fullest with those you love. Dave’s insights are worth the read.”

–Richard King, Independent Consultant and former President, FATPOT Technologies